Top Interesting Dissertation Topics on Renaissance

Renaissance is the period that is synonymous with an ever-lasting source of inspiration. It was the period when the art was reincarnated, and artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci painted Mona Lisa. During this period, people saw development in the fields of politics, culture, science, and intellect. Some of the topics that can help the student write a dissertation on the renaissance are mentioned below

  • Provide a comparison between Medieval and Renaissance painting.

In this topic, you can easily compare two paintings, one from the medieval era and the other from the renaissance era. The comparison must be made in detail. It would help if you first learned about the usage of colours and brush strokes, then observe the paintings and find out all the differences between the two paintings.

Afterwards, look at them from a historical perspective. Find out about the political movements that were going on during that specific time. You will notice that the political situation back then had an impact on the paintings.

  • Explain or provide criticism to a lesser-known painting

There have been hundreds of papers, dissertations, reports, and analysis written on the Mona Lisa, Vitruvian Man, the creation of Adam and so on. If you would also work on them, your dissertation would be not much different then the dozens of dissertations that other people have written before you.

Therefore, you must find a lesser-known painting. You can conduct some research on the internet or go and visit a museum and find something unusual. After you have chosen the painting, please do some research on its painter, the era it was painted in, who owns it etc.

  • Explain the food culture based on renaissance paintings

It is a unique topic. Something that not most of the students have worked on. While working on your dissertation, you should find something that is interesting and would attract readers. It is a fact that food was a major theme in the painting of the renaissance era. Other than the food, interior design, jewellery, clothes had their importance in the paintings of the renaissance era. Do some research on the food that was available easily back then and the food that was rare and only eaten by people who would move in rich societies.

  • Discuss the personality of a specific painter 

It would be best if you did not choose someone famous. Choose someone who had once been famous, but people have now forgotten their names, for instance, Fra Angelico, Filippo Lippi, Masaccio, and Paolo Veronese. Talk about their personality, their painting style, their fame, their contemporaries etc.


Whenever you are selecting a topic for your dissertation, you must go for something interesting, controversial, and unusual. If you wrote on something common and dull, no one would want to read it. It would help if you did not choose to work on something on which someone has already worked on. Rather you should choose something new, or if you want to choose a topic on which someone has already worked on, try to write about it from a completely different angle.