Ten Main Steps on Writing a Dissertation Properly

Dissertation seems an unconquerable paper that takes years to write. But the more you read about the work, the more you understand it can be written more or less easily if you follow the plan and don’t panic. You can create a great thesis paper in just 10 steps, and if you spend enough time on every step, the process will seem simple.

Composing a Proper Dissertation

  1. Choosing a topic.
  2. As you have much space to write about your favorite subject if any, choose something that will need lots of explanations and a large interesting research. If you do have such a topic, the whole thesis paper will seem your favorite thing to do.

  3. Writing a proposal.
  4. Your proposal is a brief document that gives the information on the paper. It includes the topic you choose, the research you are about to conduct, the methods you are about to use, and the results you want to achieve.

  5. Conduct a research.
  6. To write a proper thesis, you have to do a great deal of research for your topic. Make sure you get the right results and know how to describe them in your paper. Take as much time as necessary for this part, as it usually needs much more time than writing the actual paper.

Getting Help

The best way to get help is to find a good sample of the work and see what the structure is like there. Take a couple of samples to compare and combine in the best structure for your paper.

Write a conclusion.

In this part you will have to summarize everything you have achieved and described earlier. Answer all the questions and write about the further research that may be needed to develop your topic.

Write an abstract.

This part should go before the introduction, but it’s better to write it when the paper is done. Your abstract has to include the information about the purpose and methods of your research, as well as its results.


Take the information you gathered about the books you cited and used as the base for your research, and combine it in the reference section.