Dissertation Citation APA Format, Basic Rules To Follow

All academic work is supposed to be referenced. There are different referencing styles that include APA, MLA and Chicago, among others. It is the department and your supervisor who determine the formatting style to be used. Each of these styles come with strict rules that guide a reader on the sources of your information and presentation. Academic writing rules indicate that you should not mix apa citation of dissertation with MLA or any other style. This would lead to confusion as the reader will not distinguish the boundaries.

Dissertation citation APA style can be distinguished from the other styles based on the presentation of different sections. There are general rules that apply to all sections that must be considered before you pay attention to specific areas. For instance, the paper should have a 1 inch margin on all corners. All text should be in standard 12 points font size. Your paper must also have a running header that appears at the top of every page. Here is a look at how you should format different sections in APA that can be done with apa citation machine dissertation to ensure that they meet academic requirements.

Cover Page

The cover page of a dissertation citation in APA is also referred to as the Title Page. It should contain the title of your paper, name of the student who also serves as the author and the institution the paper will be presented to. Beyond including the running header, the words ‘running header’ must also be included. The title appears in uppercase letters and should be centred on the upper part of the page. When writing the name of the author, do not include the title Dr. or PhD. It should be a plain first name, initials of the middle name and the last name in full.


When the published dissertation APA citation quotation is short, the details to be included are the name of the author, the year the book or paper was published and the page it has been extracted. The page is preceded by the letter ‘p’. The quote is then introduced with opening quotation marks and closed with the closing quotation marks. Where you do not mention the author in the phrase or sentence, the three details are entered at the end in parenthesis. A long quotation must be indented and the details of the author and publication given at the introductory statement. The quote is then given (40 words or more) and the page number indicated at the end.

In Text Citation

For unpublished dissertation citation APA, some information like the publisher will be missing. You should include what is available. The reader will automatically detect that the remaining information cannot be traced.

The citations are the most challenging for most students. Such resources as APA dissertation citation generator will make it easier to generate the citations. Use a sample to ascertain that all formatting rules have been followed.