Nursing Dissertation Topics

The dissertation carried out for the nursing field is not an easy job because they require in-depth knowledge about nursing and a lot of medical interventions. Firstly, you need to find out the topic for the dissertation.

It is not an easy task, but we will help you out through this article. It would help if you chose a topic for a dissertation that attracts you. It will be easy for you to write an article on the topic you have prior knowledge about. But keep in mind that the topic you select should not be too generic. Generic topics can be dull and boring, and that would attract no reader.

Furthermore, the topics that are too narrow should be avoided as well because you might not be able to find any relevant data for such narrow topics. You should select a topic that is broad, interesting, and popular. Some of the topics for the nursing dissertation are mentioned below

Topics based on Holistic Nursing

  • Explain how holistic care has evolved in the nursing field
  • Discuss the changes that holistic nursing has gone through due to globalization. 
  • In the field of holistic care, discuss the functions the nursing theory has performed. 

Topics based on Orthopaedic Nursing

  • Discuss if, in some phases of treatment, the genre of orthopaedic nursing should be limited.
  • How is the osteoarthritis treated? Discuss its various approaches. 
  • In the orthopaedic treatment, should proper medical intervention be used?

Topics based on Psychiatric Nursing

  • Is it possible to reduce depression by suggesting appropriate nursing care?
  • Discuss the relation, if any, between the measures used in psychiatric nursing and the mental state of the patient.
  • Is it possible to cure autism by adopting certain methods?

Topics based on Learning Disability Nursing

  • With the help of the nursing theories, can you find out about the learning disabilities in the patients?
  • List down the various learning disabilities. Along with the learning disabilities also mention the nursing intervention that can be used to cure the learning disabilities.
  • List down the nursing approach that can cure a patient who has been suffering from a long-term disability.

Topics based on Geriatric Paediatrics

  • If there is a patient with a geriatric paediatric syndrome, what step should be taken by the nurse?
  • In the nursing theory, explain the differences between the concepts of children and adults
  • Is there a need for an upgraded geriatric paediatrics nurses in the current situation?

Topics based on the General Nursing

  • List down the duties that the nurses have had in prominent medical cases
  • Discuss the sections of the nursing genre; the researchers are not investigating. 
  • In the dental medical area, explore the impact that is made by the nurses.


There are several topics other than the ones that are mentioned above. But if you are finding it difficult to research on your own, we have done it for you. You can select the topic that you feel suits you the best. The topic about which you have some prior knowledge and about which you would enjoy writing the dissertation.